SoundCulture 96 Description   Event Schedule
Nigel Helyer's "Silent Forest" installation, Soundculture 96
Video Documentation from SoundCulture 96, San Francisco, by Dan Senn

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Beth Custer & Trimpin

Pamela Z, "Parts of Speech"

Brenda Hutchinson, Beth Custer, Laetitia Sonami "Alone, Then All Together"

Tom Wherry & Paul Steffler, "Harbor Symphony"

Ikue Mori, "Soul Mechanism: Raw-Tech in Real-Time"

John Bischoff & Ken Atchley, "Surface 32"

Tom Nunn & Others, Falkirk Opening

Richard Lerman, "Performance, Films and Video"

Kazue Mizushima, "On the Eve of the Future

Scot Jenerik and Tim North, "Flamba & Hover Drum"

Chris Brown, "Talking Drum"

William Houck, "R.I.B. Event"

Ron Kuivila, "Parsable"

Marina Rosenfeld, "Sheer Frost Orchestra"

Key Ransone, "The Waking of Leafy Pools"

SoundWalk, street performances


Nigel Helyer, "Silent Forest"

Dan Senn, "reSiting, The Catacombs of Yucatan"

Trimpin, "PHFFFT"

Trimpin, "Fire Organ"

Larnie Fox,
"Guernica Code & Hanging Sky Garden"

Ed Osborn, "Parabolica"

Bernie Lubell, "The Furtive Ear"

Falkirk Cultural Center, opening

Ellen Band, "Acoustic Mirage"


Symposia On Sound Art (excerpted)


Poetry & Other Readings


In 1996, after setting up and documenting my installation at the Falkirk Cultural Center, I set about filming as much of SoundCulture 96 as possible, then returned to Tacoma and put the tapes in a box. Twenty two plus years later, just before Beth Custer and I performed at Wakushoppu in Prague, we wondered if we had met before and I said "I think Trimpin introduced us at a concert in San Francisco in the mid-90s where you played various instruments with him.” Beth did not remember until I mentioned that the performance took place within an installation of Trimpin’s. “Must have been at New Langton then...” but neither of us recalled the connection to SoundCulture 96 until I got back to my Wisconsin studio and found the cache of tapes, 14 hours worth, in excellent condition. So I copied the Hi8 tape of Beth and Trimpin's performance to digital, did some editing and sent it to Beth who was grateful. Then I discovered she had played another event at The New Langton Art, with Brenda Hutchinson and Laetitia Sonami… and my interest was peeked. A month later, now, I have copied and edited almost everything I filmed at SoundCulture 96, the events I had accesss to, and then created this page for others.

These tapes were recorded to an analog medium which topped out at 720x480 pixels. I did not have digital editing gear until a year or so after this so most of this footage is edited in-camera. Even so, the mp4 versions here have fairly good sound except when a source, like the human voice, was not amplified and distant.

If you would like to use videos from this archive (i.e. make copies),
please email me for permission.